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Welcome to TSSG.  Home of the Insane Ones.  TSSG was founded back in 2008 with City of Villains. Since then we continued to expand into other games finding new friends internationally (although mainly EU residents).

TSSG has been an active social gaming community across many games.

TSSG's Game Groups:

Active: Diablo 3 and random RTS games being played as a group.  Other random stuff as well.

Currently Inactive

Former Projects
Archeage : 2014
Neverwinter : 2013
Guild Wars 2 : 2012-2013
City of Heroes/City of Villains : 2008-2011
Champions Online : 2009-2010
Star Trek: Online : 2010-2011
EVE Online : 2010, 2012
DC Universe Online : 2011
Test Drive Unlimited 2 : 2011
Star Wars - The Old Republic : 2011-2012

These are the guidelines for the TSSG Guilds.

1. Standards of Behaviour
1.a Members are expected to be kind towards others, including the acceptance of other members choices (Such as Roleplaying).
1.b. Inappropiate Behaviour will lead to a warning.
1.c. If behaviour still continues after multiple warnings you will be removed from the guild.

2. Ranks and Promotions
2.a. Each rank attained provides more permissions as well as responsibilty.
2.b. There can be only one officer character per player who attains the rank, officers are selected from those who have attained the highest standard rank, are active ingame and on the forum. Further characters from those holding a leader character can request promotions up to the highest standard rank.

3. Recruitment
3.a. Members with recruitment rights
are able to invite others as long as they appear to meet behavioural standards(1).
3.b. All that we ask from our members is that they speak English in Guild Chat.
3.c. When you recruit someone, we ask that you direct them to register on this website so that they can gain access to information about upcoming guild events.

These rules are subject to change as a result of Guild Meetings.
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Fatekeeper91, Mar 11, 11 11:49 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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TSSG are currently recruiting in random games that we are deciding to play at random intervals such as Diablo 3 and an assortment of various RTS games, because we are all incredibly random and unpredictable people.
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